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i got my lunch packed up and my shoes tied tight, i hope i don’t get in a fight…back to school

Man life has been busy.  This whole teaching thing is so much more than I expected.  I have a whole new appreciation for teachers…especially teachers that coach.  I love my job.  Yes I am at school for somewhere around 10-12 hours…but I love what I’m doing.  I love my kids and my girls on the teams.

One of the things that I think I enjoy the most about teaching and coaching is watching their faces when they ‘get it.’  When they have those “ah-ha” moments.  When you see in their eyes that the lightbulb in their head goes on.  I just get so pumped for those moments.  The one class we never get through all the material I have planned for that day because the kids in my class love to participate in class discussion.  Seeing some of them squirming in their seats with their hands raised because they want to contribute is so awesome…why is it so awesome?…because they’re getting excited about talking about the Bible. 

Tuesday, we were finishing up Genesis 2 after it goes into detail about how God made man and woman.  Telling the girls that they were God’s finale of creation was so stellar.  I could see on their faces that they were thinking about it, and every single girl in each of my classes smiled.  Awwwwwesome!

The one class I like alot, but…instead of participating more in discussion…they participate with each other.  It’s funny to see them act up and have them think that I don’t see what they are doing.  When I call them on it…they seem so shocked.  I think they forget that it wasn’t too long ago that I was where they were sitting and at times did the exact same thing.  Oh adolescence. 

It’s been exciting.  I do get worn out a lot, but I was journaling today and just kept asking the Lord to remind me that I can’t do it on my own.  It’s impossible without Him.  And also that as I’m teaching these kids, that not only would He meet them where they are, but that I would meet Him as well.


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